Step count on band and app are different

I got the WYZE Band about a month ago. Big fan of WYZE, love young businesses and have several cameras. At first the band worked fine. However, for the past week the step count on the band is significantly greater then what show in the Activity icon in the app. Off by hundreds and yesterday by almost 2 thousand. It seems to stop updating after I hit around 4000 steps. Using iPhone and syncing works without any problems. Tried deleting device and adding it back without any improvement. Anyone having the same problem or know of a fix? Thanks. Really like the band and hope it can be fixed.

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Same issue on new band – says “1931” on band face and on the simulated face in the app, but when I tap it in the app, it shows “1749” on the graph. I’ve only had it 3 days, so maybe it will learn and smooth out. :smirk: