Wyze Band - Android - Syncs incorrect data!

I did between ~8500 steps yesterday, which is what was shown on the band. Today I synced the watch and it reports 2790 in the app. Why didn’t it sync the correct amount of steps?

I’m running Wyze Beta.

hi, i noticed on my iPhone app the the steps are one day off. maybe your 8500 steps were logged the previous day.

This junk has skipped syncing a run almost every day this week. I really like the graphs and the Alexa integration but if it can’t even keep a log of my data what good is it? I keep sending reports in to Wyze with no response.

Today the watch says 10k steps, the app activity says 10k steps. The day graph says 5600 and the run tab is missing a one hour run.

The data is not showing up in any other day.