Wyze band losing step data when syncing

Wanted to know if anyone is experiencing loss of steps for a full day from time to time. I have had this happen to me a couple times when the app syncs to the band the steps go to zero.


Yes, I lost 2 straight days of step data recently. Not sure if it is related, but my battery hit zero one afternoon at work. I put the band on the charger when I got home (it seems very finicky too - you have to get it in EXACTLY the right spot or it won’t charge). Once it got fully charged & I put the band back on, my phone app had lost 2 days of step data.

Thank you for the response. Yes that is how I lost my last steps. I would think that if the band is with in bluetooth distance of the watch that it will sync continuous. If the battery dies then it should be able to store the data in the watch until the next day at the very least. Hmm maybe I’m asking too much.

Sorry meant bluetooth distance of the phone.

I have had the same problem. Data is captured on the Band I see the steps and then when charging all is lost. Happened twice. Makes no sense and makes it kind of useless for tracking. It would be nice if it just captured to Google Fit as well at the very least it would be a backup. I have reached out to support several times without answer.

I also had an issue where the steps went back to zero. Not sure what happened.

Same issue.

@Wyze do you plan on addressing the issue?

Lately I have had an issue with my app refusing to sync at all until I restart my phone. I go to try to check my cameras & all is fine, but I go to check my Band and it will not sync until I restart my phone. Even restarting the Android app isn’t enough.

I have the same experience with my band once or twice a month. I usually have to turn off my BT and turn it back on before it will sync with the app. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 attempts before I can get it to sync including force closing the app.