Stride length options on Wyze Band

My wife and I both have Wyze Bands and we think they are excellent products. There is one area, however, that needs to be addressed. Stride length is one area. My wife is very short and she takes a lot more steps than I do when we hike together. That, of course, makes sense but when we compare data she has a lot more miles than I do. That is because the mileage calculation uses the same stride length.

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Thanks Loki. I wasn’t sure where to put it.

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I thought it used your height setting for stride length. If not, it should.

Evidently not. My wife and I walk together and she racks up a mile more than I do on the same hike.

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Hm… my wife and I went on a ~2 mile walk/run the other day and the numbers were pretty close although hers were a bit higher than mine. She’s quite a bit shorter than me.

Not sure how the band calculates stride length, but I have found it to be extremely consistent at 2.57’. I get this by converting the recorded miles to feet and dividing by the steps.

Unfortunately for me, my recorded steps and miles and both considerably more (like 2x) than I am taking in a day, so I think their algorithm needs some tweaking.

I get a step length of 2.53’ dividing out my weekly total. 6’0" in the person settings.

@R-J Interesting that your stride length calculates to be less than mine, and I am 3" shorter than you!