Wyze Band Looks Too Narrow On My Wrist

Hi Wyze! Got a Band and a scale as a gift, no surprise that they are awesome given the quality of your other products.

Feedback: in my opinion the Band looks too narrow for my wrist, it looks like I am wearing a ladies watch. I am an average sized adult male in the US; 6ft. 200 lbs, (OK fine, 210 lbs,) with fairly small wrists for my size, As stoked as I am to get it, I probably won’t wear it, just because of the appearance, if it were 25 to 30mm wide, I think it would look more appropriate on my wrist.

2nd request: pulse ox feature, I would love to have pulse ox built in, I would pay almost double the price to get that, I struggle with sleep quality, so looking at pulse ox while sleeping would be helpful, and with all the covid issues, it would good to be able to monitor pulse ox.

Thanks guys!

BTW one of the things I always talk about with friends and family is how when Wyze gives a free trial (motion capture) that you don’t require a credit card. That really says everything about the culture of you company. Most companies are just banking on you forgetting about it, and getting at least a month or more of subscription payments from you. Thank you for respecting us, and setting the standard for customer appreciation.

Both of those requests would entail a new hardware version of the band. I linked a current #wishlist post for a pulse oximeter.

You can remove this from the community I found one and purchased one thank you

Sure but whst about the other 2 people that voted for it? :slight_smile:

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I’m a 5’11" 220lbs infantry veteran, big hands and thick wrists. I don’t think the band is too small, I actually like it being so small since it is hardly noticeable. Look at the fitbit and other “fit” products out there, they’re all smaller than a traditional wrist watch.