Wyze Watch 47 Band

So far I can’t complain on the Wyze watch given the price. I do not like the rubber feeling watch band and am looking to see if anyone can give the the size for a replacement. I don’t have a way to measure by MM

You can purchase 22mm width. I got a replacement watch band in the mail and have already replaced the original one with a green nylon one.

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Welcome to the Wyze community @JEREMYTHOMASRHODES!
Wyze does sell additional bands that work with both watches. There’s leather and silicone options available. They’re currently out of stock, but they’ll be back soon!
Shop - Wyze Watch Replacement Starps

If we wanted to buy generic bands on AXXXzon, what size would we need to get? 20mm, 22mm or something else? I got the brown leather with the watch, but it really looks out of place against the space grey of the watch. Looking for a black leather band…

22mm is the size to order.

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Thanks Jeremy… Love the watch so far, just the band choice was wrong for me…

Good to know, not really wild about the solid silicone band. It is hot and if you wear it in the shower, it stays wet underneath it for a while. A new design with some air holes would be nice. I’ll look into a nylon band.