Wyze watch strap size

What is the width of the silicone band included with the 47mm Watch?

I need to wear cloth bands to avoid skin irritation, and would love to preorder a generic cloth band from eBay/similar before the Wyze Watch ships - so I can start wearing it right away.
Currently I use a NATO band with my Pebble Time smart watch, but I believe the Wyze watch will need to make direct contact with my skin in order to read pulse and blood oxygen levels.
NATO bands provide a cloth barrier between the watch and skin, so it won’t work well for a Wyze watch.

The band width is 22 mm for the 47 watch.

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What size band for the 44mm watch?

I bought several quick release 22mm bands for my 47mm watch and they got perfectly. I believe they are the same across both models.

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