Wyze Watch 44 and 47 Bands are 22mm watch bands

Just as the title says, 22mm watch bands will fit the Wyze watch. I just bought 3 on Amazon and they all fit perfectly! I do not like silicone bands, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I bought metal bands. 2 have quick release and the other has another type of closure. They all work well!

Edit to add: 2 of the bands were made by wristology, 1 was an off brand I forgot the name of off-hand.


I bought a nylon band on Amazon to replace the oem band. There is little clearance in the pin/hinge well and I had a time getting this band on. The material was a little too thick. My niece bought a nylon band with plastic ends where the pins go through and it was easy to install.