Watch Stainless steel Straps, other replacement strap options

A stainless steel strap for the watch would be nice.

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A standard 22mm band should work on the 47mm, by my measurements. I already have some in the mail. Its and odd balance though - I’m going to end up paying more for the bands than the watch. That’s like $100 shoe laces on $50 shoes.


Is there a watch strap available for the Wyze watch 47 that is larger. If not does anyone know if there is a after market strap that would work.

Thank You

I for one would like a stainless steel strap.


I would like a black Milanese strap. Had it on my previous watch and loved the fact that it “breaths”, is infinitely adjustable and lays flat at the bottom of your wrist (no clasp beneath your wrist when you are using a keyboard)

Bought a stainless steel from Amazon. $22.

Fits just fine.
Almost happy. I’d be real happy if Wyze offered better watch faces.


For my watch 44, I purchased slim silicone bands compatible with the Fitbit Versa/Versa 2 &Versa Lite Edition. I had to buy 22mm pins to replace the 23mm pins that came with the bands. The bands fit securely and I like them a lot better than the two wide ones I got with the watch.

Slim silicone bands

22mm pins with tool

Wyze Watch 47 Bands

Can we please get more cloth straps for the Wyze Watch 47 - especially a plain black one?
Or maybe a link to another place to buy one?
The silicone and leather straps make my wrist sweat and become quite uncomfortable.
Since there are no sensible cloth straps available (Neon yellow and Rainbow, really?), it seems that I bought a watch for it to sit on my nightstand!

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Wyze offerings:

Wyze Watch Straps

A standard, quick-release 22mm band works fine for Watch 44 & 47. Amazon sells them:

Example of a standard 22mm leather strap on mine:

Replacement Band for Wyze Watch - #4 by Seapup

Thank You.
I just ordered two. :+1:

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I love my WyzeWatch 47, after over a year of use. My one question is this: Yesterday, I was in Walmart, and saw Apple mesh watchbands for $15 that looked so handsome, I bought one, knowing it wouldn’t fit my watch. Being an amateur inventor and tinkerer, I figured that if I was NOT successful, I could afford to lose the $15 (still in the works). So my question is whether there are plans to offer a WyzeWatch band other than the one available now. Its little clasp has to be readjusted every time I put the watch back on after charging it, or removal for any other reason (it also itches me, though tolerably). So that’s my whole question: any plans for ANY variation on the band? I’d gladly pay up.

Update: I used my Dremel to cut off the parts of the Apple band that were too wide for my Wyze Watch and used old saved watch parts to attach the Apple band. It looks KILLER! Wish there was a way to attach the images of the project.

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All you need is any standard 22mm band or strap. See my links a few posts above or other posts in this topic.

Original band was so thick and clumsy – couldn’t even work at a keyboard when wearing it. I got a nice one stainless steel mesh band on Amazon. Was a puzzle to set it up, but after a couple of YouTubes I got it and now really like it.

I am looking for interesting bands for my wife, like this Urpanda apple band on Amazon. Has anyone seen anything like this for the Wyze 47 mm?

Leather watchbands

There is no option to purchase a leather watch band. The vinyl and nylon straps give me a horrible itchy rash.