Replacement Band for Wyze Watch

And where can I get a band other that factory brand ?

…from any place that sells 22mm watch bands. Amazon is a good place to start.

Tried Amazon, Ebay. A unique way of band hookup is the problem. Uses holes not a pin. Nice but the Amazon company Wyze must be alone in that method. It is a much easier method. But alas I am up the proverbial creek.

If by “band hookup”, you mean how the band attaches to the watch case… it uses the same method that has been in use for over 100 years… spring bars, aka spring pins, spring dowels. The watch case has holes to accommodate the watch band’s pins. You can use either standard inexpensive “regular” spring bars or the newfangled quick-release spring bars such as those that come with modern watches such as the Wyze Watch 44 and 47. Regardless of spring bar type, the spring bar size and strap size are 22mm for both 44 and 47 watches.