Wyze Band - better designed strap

The band on the band not designed for older people or people with weak hands. Any chance of a better designed band?

On the topic of the Wyze band band, I have no idea where I saw it now, but there was a video on how to replace the standard band with a watch style band. My band popped open 5 times yesterday while I was working in the yard. Is there a different style band available from Wyze and where might I get it. I’ve looked on the site and couldn’t find anything. Please/thanks

How to change strap video here :point_down:

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Also here:


I appreciate your response thanks, do I need to call customer service to order the watch style band or?? I don’t see it on the site, but maybe I’m blind.

Sorry, I don’t know about the availability of the alternate band. A call to support would probably answer that if somebody else doesn’t answer here.

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I have to say while the Wyze band seems to be pretty good especially for the price I am somewhat disappointed at the strap system. The straps are honestly not the most comfortable material and not really replaceable with something else.

My suggestion would be that they should include an adapter included that would allow you to use standard pin system. I mean the clasp system they use is actually still decent but the band is honestly not very comfortable so it isn’t the worse but I really wish I could use a metal band. I bought this because I wanted something cheap enough that I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting damaged from physical work as I have lost two expensive smart watches that way.


I received both the early access band strap (pop strap onto the nubs) and the traditional strap with the pin and clasp (watch style band). I liked the early access band better, but I too lost one of the little fastener clips that held the strap onto the face. I was able to get a replacement ordered thru customer service, and while waiting for it to arrive, I made it work with the watch style band. As others have said, the watch style band is not a good fit, and the strap slips out of the strap meant to secure the loose end so often it’s annoying. Then last week, one of the fastener clips fell out of that strap! I figured it was no worries since the pop on strap was due any day. Turns out they sent another watch strap - boo hoo. it seems the pop on strap was only part of the early access shipments and you can’t get a replacement for it. SO I’m posting this item to the wishlist in hopes that either the early access strap will be made available, or new options for the straps and fastener parts will be made available one day. Until then, my band will be relegated to my drawer, as I can’t do the watch strap long term. Such a bummer.

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I also received both straps, have yet to try the conventional one. I have a little trouble sometimes getting the post to line up with a hole, but that’s not my biggest problem. I’m constantly bumping my watch and popping off one of the retainer clips that cover the pins. They are tiny and are difficult to find if outdoors. I emailed customer service but never heard back. I’d like to order a couple for spares.

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My sport-style band broke maybe 2 months into wearing it (the plastic clip that holds it to the actual device broke). Wyze customer service has always been amazing and sent me a new one. In the meantime, I just used the watch style band that I got with it. It worked just fine, but I didn’t like it quite as much and couldn’t wait for my replacement sport band to come.

Well, I just got the replacement the other day and it was just another regular watch band. I was a little disappointed but am happy to at least have a replacement band in case this one breaks.

That’s all just a long way of saying, I agree that I hope Wyze makes the sport style band available again.

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How do I get a replacement Pin Fastener? My band fell off and it looks like the pin fastener is gone.

@timjmiller Welcome to the Wyze community! Sorry to hear about your Band. I recommend giving Wyze Customer Service a call.

Wyze 1 (206) 339-9646 .

Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Make the watch band with a quick releases, not a pocket or insert.

  1. Bands need to be fun, universally availabe in many styles, colors, patterns, pocket bands are difficult to fit.

  2. The band you are using would monopolize customers having to buy your band vs. being able to universally have available quick-release bands with a vaierty of styles, colors and ootions.

  3. Pocket bands are not as ethically pleasing as a quick release, which are more standardized and globally available.

  4. The pocket band available appear bland and not aesthetically or fashionably pleasing colors. Very few options for customers to change them out.

  5. Pocket Bands will raise the watch from wrist where oxygen, heart rate, and pulse are not in direct contact with the wrist leading to inaccurate readings. Whereas the quick-release bands will give more precise reading as there is nothing raising it up from the skin.


Agree band needs redesign

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