Pop goes my 1st Gen Wyze Band!

While rolling up my car window (antique). I felt a pop, then something slid across my wrist. It was my 1st in line to buy, “Gen 1” wyze “all blk” band .

When I arrived home, I thought the rubber wrist band broke again.
This was not the case.

The wrist band was fine, but the watches plastic connection to wrist band was not.

The way this 1st. edition watch was constructed, I see no way of fixing it ?

Has anyone experienced this ?
Has anyone fixed this ?watch

Years of use and years left unfulfilled.
I know that, if wyze will not cover items owned past 1yr. (HMS Keypad).
I have no chance with this band .

Help !

Can you post a picture of it?

I have not experienced the issue? Curious on what and where you are talking about.

Edit: I have a Wyze Band and the Wyze Watch 47 with and extra Watch Band. This is why I am asking. I may be able to send you what you need out of a collection of items I am not using. :slight_smile:


I had a Band strap break once. Bought a replacement out of the Store (search for ‘strap’). Unfortunately they didn’t have Black, so bought the Blue one.

But yes, let’s see pictures to make sure yours isn’t too damaged.

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Ask n U shall receive !

Wow, the actual connection piece snapped off. Never saw that before. However, you are in luck as I am getting my Wyze Band back from my kid. It is too small of a screen for me and he works for Apple, so he has an Apple watch.

I would be glad to send it to you as I don’t like things sitting on my shelf for long. Tonight he will see if he can find the charger and give it to me. If you are interested, I will be glad to send it to you once he gives it back to me. Probably tomorrow. :slight_smile:

If you are interested DM me your name and address and I would be glad to send it to you.


If you get a replacement, don’t wear the strap tight. One notch from tight works well for me. :slight_smile:

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The silicone band, if worn tight burns the skin.
So, I never wear it tighter than it takes, to keep it from slipping around.

I’m tall (6-2) with a slender wrist of 7 inches in diameter.
All the beef is in my frame.


I’ve never experienced the burn you speak of, but I understand some have related they do.

My skin reaction is from moisture building up n a mild reaction to both the silicone and moisture. Long ago, I realized that it’s, no rings on my fingers (Class, wedding or other). Lucky me !

My son gave me a fit bit, No prob.
long ago, My brother gave me a 1st gen, Multifunction Health Tracker watch, It had Phone, health, sleep n activity tracking functions over BT .
No prob.

I get it some do n some don’t.
Just waiting for a band made of cloth or leather or faux leather.
That won’t cost more than the wyze band watch n fits my 1st. Gen band ?

No mechanic should wear a ring. Too many horror stories about fingers getting pulled off.

Had a few female customers start getting interested in me. All I had to do was say the word “wife” and they would say “but you aren’t wearing a ring!”

Lost every one of them as customers because they were too embarrased to come back I guess.

Too funny,

My good looking single brother (da yougest),
had to wear one to keep em away !

Had an old girlfriend call me about a year after she broke up with me. By that time I had met my current wife (going on 41 years). I told her I was getting married in 3 weeks. She said “so?” Definitely not someone who takes marriage vows seriously.

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