Wyze watch 47 mm band replacement

I’d like to upgrade the watch band, but the sizes offered by Wyze are a little too small for my wrist size, can you tell me if a regular watch band would fit the watch and what size the case is?

Any watch band replacement instructions will tell you how to measure for a band.

It appears this watch uses a 22mm band and there are countless options available online. I’m getting one for my watch and am expecting it to fit fine.

I am double-checking with Wyze to verify but for under $10 from the Big-A store, you can’t go wrong!.


thanks for the quick feedback!

Welcome @dcrusoedom!
I haven’t tried them yet, but these look like they may work:

Forgot to update this post . . .

I purchased a 22mm band (looks like metal mesh) and it works like a champ! I love it more than the silicon band included because it looks more upscale and isn’t as sweaty.

Agreed! I recently picked up a canvas band, much better than the silicon. Feels much better.