WYZE band size and Alexa question

I am curious about the band and I have a few questions before I purchase. Do you need to have an Alexa or Echo or whatever in your home to use the Alexa feature on the band?
Does the band come in sizes? I have an extremely small wrist…have a size small Fitbit and it is almost too large. I don’t want to have all that extra strap when I have it hooked up to the last link .
How large is the actual face of the WYZE ? might it be too large for my wrists?

Hello @1gerryt and welcome to the community.
You might try looking at the link below under 'physical specifications and see if that is any of the info you are looking for, if not let me know and I will try to find out.


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Hi 1gerryt,

The Alexa on the band uses the Alexa on your phone to do its magic. You are not required to have any Alexa device in your home for this to work, just a connection to your smartphone.

There is only one band size. While not a scientific measurement, the band certainly appears that it will accommodate a very small wrist. There are several adjustments, I believe intentional, to meet as many wrist sizes as possible.

I have a review on the band here (under JJDUB - https://wyze.com/wyzeband.html).

Also note you can purchase the band on Amazon with Prime, FREE returns should it not work out.

Really enjoy mine.
I hope this helps.


All you need is the Alexa app and authorize the connection to the Wyze band.

As @jjdub1313 mentioned no echo device is needed to use the Wyze band and Alexa. You can speak to the Wyze band to turn on lights, plugs, and many other cool things. I love mine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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sounds great, thanks

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Thanks, I appreciate your quick response.

Thanks , your review was great. I took a chance and ordered it.

How did size work out? I also have very small wrists, and a size small fitbit that is almost too big. Did the Wyze band work for you? Thanks!

Hi @camuser.

I am not sure if this is helpful, but this is a picture of my band set to the smallest size. The widest diameter is about 2.25 inch.

yes it does help, right now I decided to stick with my Fitbit…having too many issues with the cameras so i decided to stick with what I am sure is working. Thank you for replying and the pix is excellent help…and maybe I will change my mind!:innocent:

I decided to stick with the Fit Bit because I am having issues with the cameras That I bought from them. I bought a magnetic band for the Fitbit that solved that too big issue. Thank you.