So You Can Use Alexa on the Band But Not the Watch?

Am I understanding this correctly? It looked like the FAQ said no Google or Alexa support. Yet we are able to use Alexa on the band. I do it all the time and love it. Not sure I want to switch to the watch now if the Alexa support is missing on it.

The new watch does not have a mic or speaker, so Alexa/Google support will not be a part of it.

no mic or speaker on the watch… that really sucks

i hope they add a software update so we can see our cam’s from it

That’s too bad. I can’t believe they made the watch to have less features than the band. I feel like Wyze has been more concerned about quantity than quality lately.

I like Wyze and hate to say anything bad about them, but they are kinda reminding me of one of those episodes of an old sitcom. The one where the main character is very dependable and likeable, but not very popular. And they say they’re never going to change, but then in this one particular episode, they become more concerned about being popular and making everyone like them, but then lose the great qualities that made everyone like them in the first place. I don’t know, just kinda disappointed by some of their duplicate products lately.

I think the main thing I don’t like is the whole surprise factor. For instance, I was happy with the Wyzecam Outdoor, till I found out the V3 was coming out with better features. I like both cameras, but when everyone was complaining about the Outdoor Cam, seems like it would have been a cool time to tell everyone that the V3 was also coming out soon and for them to choose which one they wanted to invest in, since both were waterproof, etc.

Wyze Sense hasn’t been out super long and we already need updated sensors, which I’m glad they’re doing, but what about people who recently invested a lot into the old ones, now to find out they’re going to have to buy new ones now just to get the reliability that the originals should have offered?

Now me and my wife invested in the bands, and I do like the bigger screens on the watches, but to enjoy those screens, now we have to spend extra money only to lose a cool feature that the band, which was way smaller, seemed to incorporate easily.

Just disappointed.