Google Assistant for Wyze Band

Is there any plan to support Google assistant with the Wyze band? I would really like to keep everything Google in my home, and wanted to add this band to the mix.

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Does the Wyze Band work with Google Home/Assistant, or just with Alexa?

It seems like they are working on Google Assistant integration according to this post.


Let’s get the voting up!! I was honestly surprised to see Alexa was the first to the party.

Does this mean that adding Google Assistant is a hardware fix and not a software update? I’m asking because I would like to have it with Google Assistant and wouldn’t mind ordering the current version if it will eventually be updated.


I’m not sure if it will be a software update or a hardware update. The way Arthur is referring to a prototype makes it seem like new hardware would be needed.

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I would venture to say there are more than just feature additions, but also bug fixes as well. They use the forum heavily for their personas and iterate on the product based off of customer needs.

I just received my wyze band (took several months, been patiently waiting!) and would love to see Google Assistant support. I already have Google Assistant working with the light bulbs and plugs I just want that support on the watch. Would be amazing. I also got the scale and I’m very happy with it keep up the good work guys!

Also I’d really like to see this moved off the wish list because this is kind of an essential feature. Especially since all the other cameras and bulbs and plugs support it. If it’s a space issue on the firmware ROM, you could make your assistant only install the assistant you need instead of having to pack in support for both Alexa and Google Assistant on the same firmware image. And then when you select which assistant you want the app will download and install the corresponding firmware image. If it is indeed different or additional hardware that is needed to get this to work I will purchase another wyze band and sell or give away the one I have. I love the mission that this company has so I don’t have any problem giving some additional support that way. :smiley:

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For all things wyze Amazon Alexa support will always be first because the devs came from Amazon supposedly. However I do appreciate their effort and success in supporting Google Assistant on the other devices so far.

Isn’t this supposed to be in the roadmap? →

I had a Nest and assorted home devices set up through Google before purchasing any wyze products. So it would be nice for some Google integration for the band. But I enjoy all the wyze products I’ve got so far. Looking forward to seeing your other innovations.

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I would really love to get a Wyze band but I run everything in my house through Google. Is there any plan to add the google assistant to the Wyze Band or will is it going to be an Alexa exclusive?


Provide support for Google assistant. Allow user of the watch to control switches, displays, thermostats, etc.


I’ve been following this topic and wondered if there were any updates; specifically, will Google integration mean new hardware and a different band? I’m on the verge of purchasing the Wyze Band, but don’t want to make the purchase if a new version that supports Google is on the horizon. Anyone have any further updates on this? Thanks in advance.

Why isn’t this request on top of the list?