Can you give an example of using Alexa on Wyze band to control Wyze Cameras?

Can you give an example of using Alexa on Wyze band Alexa to control Wyze Cameras?

Does Alexa on Wyze band requires having my phone nearby?

Yes, your phone has to be near the band. The band communicates Bluetooth through the phone. Anything you can control with a echo you can control with the band. First contact the wyze skill in your phone wyze app to your wyze account. When it’s connected. Hold down on the band home button until you see listening. Say the Alexa command and it works. I control all my lights, cameras and thermostat with my Alexa app.

Can u give an example Alexa command for Wyze camera using the band?

I don’t really use the band to control my wyze cams, but I do use it to turn on/off wyze bulbs and plugs.

Does the band have to be added as a new device in the Alexa app for the band’s Alexa voice command to control Wyze devices or other devices? My Alexa iPhone app doesn’t discover the band as a new device.

I am able to control a Wyze plug from the band with a Shortcut. But when I give the band an Alexa voice command to control the Wyze plug or a non-Wyze thermostat, it messages it didn’t find a device named plug. Alexa on the band will reply to voice questions such as weather.

I can use my iPhone Alexa app to verbally control both the Wyze plug and non-Wyze thermostat.
I have tried disabling the Alexa skill and reenabling it.

no, I didn’t manually add to the alexa app, it was automatically added. You do need to link you alexa account in the band settings for alexa to work.

Go to the Alexa page in your wyze app on your phone. Go to Alexa alerts. On this page sign into your Alexa account. Go to go. Remember, you have to hold the home button on the band until you see 'listening " then give the Alexa command " Alexa turn on my living room lights "

My understanding is that at the moment Alexa does not support the cameras. They show up on my app as devices but in the unsupported category, so they are recognized but not yet implemented.
I would imagine that once they are they will be supported at a minimum by a selection of cam commands that Alexa will voice recognize and hopefully thru the user written routines.
**Edited- after some further research I think that the reason my Alexas don’t support the cams is because they are are all Dots-none with screens. But she still won’t let me turn them on or off!

My Alexa was linked to my band but would not control Wyze devices using Alexa voice on band, in spite of unlinking/delinking and signing out/back into my Amazon Alexa account.
What ended up working was to sign into a different Amazon Alexa account. I was then able to sign out of that one and back into my original account.
The band Alexa voice now controls Wyze devices but still says says didn’t find non-Wyze device named “XXX”.

I can simply say ‘plug on’. Or necessary to precede with ‘Alexa turn…’

Wow-I’ve never heard of that route! Thanks for sharing. Plugs and bulbs work but not cams on mine. I think that is because I only have Alexa Echo Dots- none with screens.

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are u using ios or android? I’m on android and have tried several times to switch the amazon account, but it always auto signs in, not giving me the option to enter login info

I am using iOS.
I go to iOS Alexa app. Top left three line menu bar, click on that, at its bottom is Settings. In Settings, scroll all the way to the bottom where it will say ‘Not XXXName? Sign Out’

Then you can log back into your Amazon Alexa account with another user name.

Perhaps the auto-reconnecting/re-establishing you refer to is from within the Wyze app on your phone.
In my iOS Wyze app, when I go to Wyze Band, then Alexa Alerts, if I do the upper right ‘Sign Out’, then it takes me back to ‘Voice and your Privacy’, when I click ‘Got It’, it goes to ‘Sign in with Amazon’. That takes me to an Amazon Welcome to Alexa screen where if I click Get Started, it eventually gets me automatically back to the Wyze app where it says Connected. I.e. it automatically reconnected to the Amazon account I had already setup.

must be a bug on the android app then, I already worked with Arthur & support, no matter how I sign out, then sign back in, it will automatically sign me back in using the original account I used.

I suspect the Wyze app is running in the background. Sign out and reboot your phone. Then try the other login.

already been down that road, no dice…even factory reset the band, uninstalled/reinstalled app as well as alexa app

I am loving my Wyze Band. If I’m away from the house and have my Send notifications turned on it Shows up on my Wyze Band. Not the video or image just in words which camera picked up something. This will be very helpful when school opens back up in the fall and I’m in the classroom and can’t or don’t have my phone out. I do need to turn off the email notifications somehow because it goes off all the time. I am also able to read my text messages without taking my phone out in front of the students. One of the most things I like is the lighting of the screen. Even when outside in the sunlight I am able to see what’s on the screen.
I do have one complaint and am hoping it’s due to the bad weather we’ve been having or something that will fix itself over time on it’s on. About every other day I have to reset the Band in the app and/or the band itself. Other than that I love it.
Oh and also, most importantly, I am allergic to most metals touching my skin. I do not have to worry about that with this band. No metals present. Yay.
I have not showered or swam with it yet. Afraid to risk to see if it’s waterproof enough.

Yes I see this is now becoming an irritation to have to reboot the device within the app at least once a day if not twice a day. Rebooting the device within the device doesn’t reconnect it to the Wyze App. I do hope Wyze techs will be able to resolve this issue. Then with an update ours will be fixed. Or else this product will end up being a failure.