Wyze Band end of life?

No idea, but that is a well worded and supported query.

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That’s strange, it’s in stock on Amazon, but not Wyze. Maybe @WyzeJasonJ could provide some insight? Thanks!

The last information I received is that the Band is not being actively manufactured anymore and that they stopped selling it a while back, but it is not officially considered/labeled as EOL at this time.


I have not been told that the Wyze Band has reached EOL.


Well considering the last firmware update is almost 2 years ago it does appear obvious that the band is obsolete to Wyze.

It is ashame as I have the original band with the original silicone band and I love it.

Also noted that last I looked it is out of stock in Amazon and they don’t know if or when it will be back in stock.

It seems that the band was only a means to test a item in order to develope their smart watches which does not do nearly as much as the original band does.

RIP Wyze Band you were a fantastic item that was very well liked.

My understanding is that it won’t be coming back in stock as there is no intent to manufacture more of them, but it is still “supported” in the sense that it hasn’t been officially labeled EOL yet as far as we’re aware.

Wyze’s VP of Product recently mentioned that Wyze is planning to move away from “fashion accessories” like watches and have fewer “Lifestyle” products in general:

Bands and Watches will be a rare type of item for Wyze in the future. In General, it’s been my observation that Wyze likes to focus on areas they can “disrupt” and here we have the VP saying that the watch and band market is already crowded with affordable options that make it hard for them gain a significant foothold in comparison to the other options out there, so these will no longer be a priority when they can make a bigger difference in other markets that still have overpriced or under-featured options where they can make a bigger impact.

I don’t know that this means Wyze won’t do anything in fashion or lifestyle markets, just that they’ll do smaller investments there. On the bright side, if Wyze doesn’t intend to expand their watch, fashion, or lifestyle lines, it also probably means the current models they have will likely be supported longer since there won’t be replacement models planned. It is probably one of the reasons there has not been an EOL announced for the band. There is no replacement planned, so they may as well just keep it as it is at least, especially as long as there is no security update required.

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Thank you for your prompt response.
I would seriously doubt that based upon your response and the lack of any updates in 2 years that Wyze would spend any additional time and expense on any firmware update at this point
BUT the band works so well that I would not change anything with it other than maintaining it’s security.
Thank you again


I agree with your assessment.

I would’ve bought one of the bands, and a part of me is regretful that I never bought one…I really wanted one…the only reason I didn’t is because they didn’t have an open API for it that could be used to make it compatible with SleepAsAndroid…that’s non-negotiable for me. I will only ever buy a band or watch that is compatible with Sleep As Android, it’s basically the 95% of the reason I have a band/watch. I am very sad that it was never done and now never will be. If that had been possible, I would’ve bought these bands (or the watches) for everyone in my family. I liked everything else about them.

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That is a very carefully phrased response.

That said, for my specific purposes (being concerned about device security), it’s a bit of a non-answer: It doesn’t parse to either “We’ll put out security updates as needed,” nor does it parse to “There won’t be any further security updates.”

Is there a chance I can get something a bit more solid from someone official? If nothing else, you’re probably going to need to chat with folks because your web documentation is currently contradicting itself: Wyze Cam v1 is end of life, and the End of Life policy you have on your web page says such notes need to go on the Terms of Service page, and Wyze Cam v1 is not noted as such there - which means you’re going to be working with the various stakeholders within Wyze about End of Life items anyway, no?

I can see where you see my response as a non-answer and I do apologize for that, I do run it up the chain and ask others about it (which I am doing), but by making that post it also allows me a reminder that I need to circle back and push the team a bit more if I do not have answers yet.

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Thank you for trying. I’m looking forward to hearing back.

I do love the Band over the watches for battery life and notifications, which is what I use it for, so hope for a new firmware version. :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried the Wyze watch yet, but I find I like the convenience of the Amazon Alexa integration of the Band for minor random things… and the Wyze watch doesn’t have a microphone.

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This is concerning that Wyze hasn’t updated the firmware since 2020. I have been having issues with it not consistently updating Apple Health. I get the impression that Wyze never intended to support this device. This also makes my question the whole ecosystem. Can and will Wyze support all of the devices at such a great pace of product expansion?

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And… a full month with no clear answer. And the End-of-life policy page doesn’t give a different place to look, nor does the Terms of Service page list any EOL dates for anything. Oh well.

Hey @WyzeJasonJ just a reminder :slight_smile:

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I agree appears Wyze will no longer upate the band (heck they got our money and used it to make something else so they don’t need the band any longer).

My heart rate has not worked since May 2022 but another right off for another of their products.

The lack of a response from Wyze speaks volumes about them at this point.

This is not how any company should handle a question and or issue with their product let alone one that is attempting to enter the “security” field.

Eh. It probably was just a side product for them. Looks like there’s a wiki page tracking when they came out with things:

Wyze Labs - Wikipedia : “Wyze released the Wyze Band for early access on March 24, 2020”
Then of course firmware: https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024852172-Release-Notes-Firmware says last update Oct. 2020. So… really, just six months? Huh.

However, I’m not really seeing a pattern.
Wyze Watch was Dec. 2020, and got an update July/Sept. 2021 (depending on which size). About a year since the last update, got not quite a year of support.
Wyze Bulb v1 was July 2019, and had it’s most recent firmware listed as June 2022. Just last month, three years and counting.
Wyze cam v1 is officially EoL this year (or at least, announced - it’s not listed where their website says it should be…), and was introduced in Aug 2017, with the final firmware Jan 2020, About 2.5 years of active support.
Wyze cam v2 was Feb 2018, and most recent firmware is dated March 2022. Four months ago, and about four years of support so far.


The v1 cam was EOL because it didn’t have enough onboard memory to support future features and security updates. The v2 is still actively supported, and has some updates currently in beta for it.

As stated above, Wyze is moving away from products such as the Wyze band. It’s not EOL because they can still update it for security reasons if needed, but they don’t plan on adding new features atm.

Sorry it took some time to get back here, Wyze Band is not officially EOL, we are still doing bug fixes but there is currently no active development of new features.

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