Wyze Band authorization for Alexa

New Wyze Band and am attempting to setup Alexa voice authorization. I go thru the Wyze app, sign in to Amazon Alexa, Get Started, and then click the ALLOW button on the “Click “Allow” to Sign in to Wyze band.” Each time the screen appears to attempt load, then defaults to same screen. When I do into the Amazon account, the Wyze Band indicates “authorized” but the Wyze app (and band) believes the process failed.

I have force shut down app, restarted phone, rebooted Band and even disabled/enabled the Wyze skill in Amazon Alexa. No Joy.


No solution but we are having the exact same problem. New WYZE band Amazon says it is authorized but the WYZE app says it failed. We’ve unregistered and tried again, disconnected bluetooth and reconnected, rebooted phone and band, nothing seems to work. Seems like a WYZE bug at this point.

I’ve had my band for several days now and could not get it connected. Each time, I would get to the “authorize” button and no matter how many times I tapped “authorize”, it would not move past that screen. Tonight, I go to “authorize” it and it works! I’m not sure what the issue was, but I suppose either Wyze and/or Amazon resolved it.

Wyze fixed the bug with an app update.

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