Wyze Band, disable Alexa long tap action

I keep activating Alexa because my hand rest on the screen, I can’t find how to turn it off.


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This is an annoying issue. It seems too me that if the screen lock is activated then the long tap access should also be locked out. I’ve had lots of unwanted Alexa activations when I simply cross my arms and make screen contact. Hopefully Wyze can address this with firmware.


I wish we could have the ability to remove Alexa completely from the band and then not having the app run continuously on an Android phone.
I have no interest or use of Alexa, and would value my phone battery life much greater than that forced integration.


At the very least, be able to disable it in the app. Like you, Alexa or Google for that matter will never be used in my house.

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Personally I use Iwanna. It’s a digital voice assistant that puts privacy first. Some sample interactions:

Me: Iwanna fly around the yard.
Her: Calling Ambulance now, should I also cancel your dinner reservation?

Me: Iwanna wire my computer for 220 to make it faster.
Her: Burn unit and life flight on standby. As soon as the helicopter leaves I will lock the door and arm the alarm.

See, she can also multitask and uses logic to infer next steps. Very handy!


sometimes I cross my arms and when one arm is on the watch, its registers that I want to use Alexa (I dont have Alexa) and it launches the amazon app on my phone. Can I turn off that setting or adjust the sensitivity.


It does seem to disregard the screen lock, which in itself does not appear to work that well.

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I personally would like to turn off Alexa completely right now. Maybe someday in the future it would be nice, but right now it’s a nuisance. So a way to disable that long press action would be wonderful.

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in the app you can set the band to require a swipe up to activate screen.
not exactly what you asked for but should do what you need

in the app you can set the band to require a swipe up to activate screen.
not exactly what you asked for but should do what you need

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You would think so but…It doesn’t…even with the swipe up set to lock the screen, a long touch tries to activate Alexa. Even if it’s not in the list of active apps.
I’m hoping this is one of those future firmware update changes…

How do you turn off the Alexa authorization prompts. I don’t use Alexa and don’t want to keep getting prompts for it.

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I want this ability also. I will not be using Alexa, and the “long press” that keeps activating Alexa is extremely annoying. It needs to stop.

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I’m a bit new the early access forum thing, but how do we make sure that this request gets heard? It seems like it should be a super easy fix for them to implement and hopefully make a lot of us very very happy customers.

I am curious.
I can see not wanting to use or implement alexa no problem.

But as someone that has worn a band now about a week now 24/7.
I have never had a issue with this in any way.

What makes it so very very needed to be gone.
I do agree it would be an easy update to kill the function if user wanted to.

I want it gone because its a hassle when it fires up and then sends a command to my phone, so my phone fires up the alexa permission page disrupting my day.

Accidental commands are a bad design.

Why are you causing it to accidentally fire up.
It is a FEATURE that is used to sell i to customers therefore not accidental.

As i mentioned I have been using this for a week now and NEVER accidentally fired it up and were all day and night.
Even when I push it on purpose it simply open a screen waiting for a command and then goes away, if not give one.
it does nothing to my phone .
That is why i asked Mine seems to work differently since I have not seen that issue.
Holding a button 2 seconds to wake it up is NOT accidental bad design, just dont push the button.

You do seem a little upset about this, but many, of us in this thread are asking for this feature because it is easy to press this for two seconds accidentally. Crossing your arms, rolling over on it at night when sleeping, when my kid grabs my wrist, etc. It happens enough where it’s annoying and certainly it’s something that is likely to drain the battery faster. With that said, what’s the resistance to allowing us disable this? Just because you haven’t had the same experience as many others on this thread, doesn’t mean that your way is the right way.


Not upset,
Not saying anything is " my way "
Just asking about what and why it is an issue.

i asked because i had not seen the issue myself and my band seems to work differently or is set different maybe.

I learn by asking things and sharing info.

thanks for helping me and others learn.