Wyze Band Shortcuts + Alexa trigger?

Okay. I know the Band has remote speaker functionality for Alexa. That was one of the main reasons for my purchase.

BUT, what I’d like to do is have a Shortcut on the band that when selected triggers a routine on Alexa.

Specifically, I hit a shortcut and have Alexa make a pre-programmed Announcement.

Say I have a routine set up on Alexa called “Medical Emergency” that when triggered sends an announcement to all my Echo Dots that I have an emergency in my room. Works fine, IF I can tell Alexa to trigger it. But could I trigger it from the Band’s Shortcuts menu?

So far there are NO medical alert devices that are Alexa compatible, so this would be the first! I know you can get Amazon Alexa Buttons that can trigger a Routine, so why not add that functionality to the Band?

It would be great if the wyzeband would allow for shortcuts that trigger Alexa routines. I understand that the normal shortcuts is a wyze proprietary thing, however, there are many devices out there and we can use Alexa to glue them all together via routines. I would love to have a few routines, such as my bedtime routine, which locks my house, turns off lights, etc, able to be triggered without having to talk to my watch and risk waking other people up.

It seems like really simple idea that would be very popular, how about we add it to the #wishlist?