I activated Alexa and Google Search stop working

I activated Alexa and Google Search stop working. Has anybody else had this happen? Looking for a fix!

Not sure I understand what you mean? I am guessing you activated Alexa on the Band? Or do you mean you activated the Wyze skill on Alexa?

And then how exactly do you mean that Google Search stopped working? Working on Alexa, or your computer, or your phone, or what?

I activated Alexa on the Band! At exactly the same time Google Search on my phone stopped working(both voice search and typed search). It appears to me that somehow Amazon was able to block Google Search on my phone! Timing is to coincidental! There must be some way for me to completely wipe Alexa from my Wyze Band!

I honestly do not see how one could affect the other. But you could open a support ticket if you really feel they are related.

For what it’s worth Alexa works just fine as does Google search on my phone.

There is an option sometimes for the Alexa app to replace the Google app as the default voice recognition service on a phone. Sounds as if that might be what happened here.

That would affect voice search but I can’t see it affecting typed searches? But maybe his phone is different? I noticed he listed Android as his phones OS in his profile. Android can be pretty squirrelly at times.

It really depends on how he or she is launching those searches. If he or she allowed it to take over home button long press functionality that might explain it.

I suppose, on my Android tablet I did just that, I allowed Alexa to assume “ownership” of both the default voice assistant role and long press of the home button.

However I am still able to type a search into both the Google Search app by launching it, and via the Google Search widget on the home screen. In fact I can find no case where Alexa can possibly interfere with my ability to do either? Is there a way I am missing perhaps?

We don’t know enough about this user but he or she may not be launching the Google app independently.

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Agreed, I was unable to understand his actual situation or goal from the info provided. Hence my asking for clarification. Hopefully he finds a solution as I am certain he was frustrated.

I have removed my Band from my Wyze app and then repaired Band. Everything went OK. I rebooted my phone(Pixel xl) and I still am having a problem with Google Search(I use the bar at the top of home page with microphone on right end of bar). If anyone knows how I can get to Goggle Search so I can try refreshing it please let me know! Thanks for all your help!!!

So what happens if you launch the app simply called “Google”? Find it if necessary in your app drawer. The home page bar is typically a widget that points to that.

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