Wyze Band and Samsung S8 not reconnecting

Have a new Wyze Band that I’m having issues reconnecting back to a Sprint Samsung S8 phone after the band and the phone have been apart for over several minutes. The only fix I have found so far is to reboot the phone.
Turn off\on BT on the phone, power cycled the band, Band rebooting with BT off and only back on when band is back up, etc, etc. Nothing but a phone reboot works.

Anyone with an idea?

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Is your Wyze band firmware up to date?
Is your Wyze app up to date?
Try deleting the Wyze app and reinstalling it.
(save any camera recordings/clips in album before doing)

All firmware is up to date.
Interested why deleting app might be the fix? Been in IT long enough to not discount it working :slight_smile: but what you think this might be solving. Have no other issues with all the other products I have with Wyze in the app.

For some reason, deleting the app seems to fix issues and it’s like a reset for the app. I’d try it out.

I was having the same problem with a Samsung Note 10. After seeing this thread I deleted and reinstalled the app and it seems to be working!

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I’m glad it’s working for you!:grinning: