Band sync fail

All of a sudden now my band refused to sync. I’ve rebooted the band and my cellphone (Samsung S20) and I keep getting Sync failed error.

Logs submitted 38830.


I’m mainly on IOS but same problem has happened to me. Try going into Bluetooth on your device and “ forgetting” IOS Terminology) the Band. Then reset your band, not Reboot. You should get a pair request.
Hope this works.

Android doesn’t use a normal system Bluetooth pairing for wyze band. But I did try resetting the band, remove and re-add and went through the pairing successfully but it still fails to sync.

well just reset the data for the app and now it works.

Yeah, I just started on Android and BT is very different. Rest is familiar but I haven’t had time to dig into that. Sorry it didn’t help, but glad you are back up!