Wyze App (v2.46) breaks my Wyze Plugs(2021)

How do I install prior apps vrs. Ex 2.43?

Without having to join Beta Testing?

Apple won’t allow you to install prior versions.

With Android you can use mirror sites to get prior versions and sideload them.

This might actually be possible to do starting next spring though. Several countries have passed laws forcing Apple to stop being so restrictive out of greed. The EU passed a law that requires Apple to open up to side-loading by March 2024. Japan and others have passed similar laws to force Apple to be more open.

But for now…there is no way to go back. You can only pick between the Production app on version 2.46, and a newer Beta app that is version 2.47. Those are the only iOS options once you have already updated that high.

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Not sure with iOS. I have multiple versions available under beta:


Well, then I stand corrected (I’m not much of an Apple guy, though I do have an old iPhone 6s). I am happy to hear this. Impressive.

Sounds like a good solution then.

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Yeah, it’s a beta thing. I’ve rolled back on several occasions to test things.