Where to get old version of Wyze app for Iphone?

Hi guys,
I have bought a long time one go my cam V2 and never use it, now I would like to use it with my old ipad 2 IOS 9.3.5,
Is there any way to get an old version of the Wyze app (ipa file)?

I think if you try to install using the App Store it will load the last compatible version?

no it say not compatible like most app now require ios 10 at least.

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based on the 2.22.32 (July 28, 2021) update i could, but on App store i see minimal IOS version 12 for the current version.

I think you need a maximum version of 2.22.21. Version 2.22.32 upped the system requirement to iOS 12 from iOS 9.

Wyze never created IPA files to the best of my knowledge, but a quick search for “wyze ipa file ios” gave me some hits just now. Know that I have no idea of the safety of those files, though!

Good luck!

Thank you for the correction, but since a hour i keep googleling i can’t find any old ipa file.

Ah, I see. I never actually followed the link. I see it takes you to the App Store, which does not have it.

I do not know of a source of Wyze IPA files.

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All old versions are still in Apple servers but hidden so to get them:

  1. Download and install Itunes version 12.5.5, the new versions do not allow install app.
  2. From dropdown menu Select Edit Menu > Check Apps
  3. Go to App Store search for your app and download.
  4. Go to App Store in your Ipad or Iphone with same Apple ID > Purchases
  5. Re-install it and it will install last version compatible with the device.

i Got version 2.22.21.

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Sweet! I need to write this down, lol.

Now remember not to update your firmware, or you may make the devices too sophisticated for that app.

Well done! :slight_smile:

Oh damn, I already accepted the upgrade proposed, event it said it failed at 99% but it show Your firmware is up to date, Version:, i think i upgraded to the latest version, maybe that’s why it sometimes crash…but not too often.
Is it possible to downgrade the firmware ?

Yes, you can manually flash back to previous version using a 32Gb (or smaller) uSd card.

Here is a link to the firmware. Release Notes & Firmware – Wyze

Instructions for manual flash are here. How to flash your Wyze Cam firmware manually – Wyze was released before the app’s system requirements changed, so it should be a good final version for you.

Yes you may have rigth, i wanted to say finaly i like it nothing wrong.
But thanks to @dr.know

Another question, gonna be a gift for a non english person, do this app have any way (hack or update) to make it in french language?

I don’t think so. Wyze only sells in the US at the moment. When they add Canada they may add a way to run it in French, tho. So stay tuned!

Ok thanks, not a big issue. I’m in Canada by the way.

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