iOS 13 support on 2.4.73 from App Store (Official version)

Morning beta testers,

iOS 13 support is coming. Enjoy the latest version in App Store and please let us know if you have any questions on iOS 13. Thank you.


Do we have an ETA for the IOS 13 Compatible beta?

The production version of the Wyze app now is usable on iOS 13. I believe that’s what WyzeRoy was saying. Official support won’t happen until iOS 13 is released officially probably sometime in September.

But I just deleted the current Beta version and redownloaded the latest production version from the App Store and it appears to be working with iOS 13.

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still doesn’t work with my ios 13 beta phone either but i guess it’s coming back soon

Update: It works! :slight_smile:

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Live version is now working well for me on iOS 13. Just curious what was the fix for the app? was it a lot of work re-doing things or was it something small here and there?

I too am curious what the issue was?