IOS 17 and Wyze App 2.45

Now that IOS 17 is available, just wondering how IOS 17 is working with Wyze App Anybody giving this a thumbs up or down?

I have loaded iOS 17.0.1 and everything seems to be working well. So far I am pleased with it.


I have been on the IOS 17 beta for a while and recently updated to the official release without any issues

Works for me and just updated to iOS 17.0.1 today, WYZE app is working just fine. If you have the big bucks and a new iPhone 15 you will need iOS 17.0.2. Apple has been making a lot of security fix updates with the IOS lately.

I just updated my iPad Pro to IOS 17.0.1 and everything I use in the Wyze App is working well for me too!

Seems to be OK on my @#$%^&* iPhone 13 that updated to IOS 17.0 a few days ago and just a few minutes ago to 17.0.1