iOS app buggy

Anyone else having issues with the iOS app?
Mine is slow to respond, doesn’t respond and crashes often. :frowning_face:

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I have had this happen and have noticed more reports of this. Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling in, and let us know if that fixes it. Thanks!


The only thing im seeing is that a few of my v3’a in my camera group are slow to load

What App version are you on. I am on 2.38.0 (27) and still on IOS 16.0. No problems with the Wyze App and 16.0 is the reason I haven’t moved to 16.2 yet.

Couple days ago I moved to 16.2, no issues, no changes, didn’t even feel like I moved. Not just Wyze, overal experience. Hey Wyze, in case you are listening, that’s how you write upgrades :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

Hey guys, I took the advice of deleting the app then reinstalling.
That seemed to have done the trick!
It works smoothly now.

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Glad it worked for you :slight_smile:

The best solution right now, that seems to reduce the recurrence of the slowness/crashing, is to first go into the app settings and delete the cache and then delete/reinstall the app. This keeps it working for 2 days or so before I have to do it all again.

Hoping Wyze will look into this and fix it soon, it’s a pretty terrible user experience on iOS right now.

iPhone 12 Pro Max
iOS 16.1.1
Wyze app 2.38.0 (27)