Wyze app not working on iOS 17.0.3

For the last 2 months I have not been able to log-on to the wyze app via my i-phone, when I try to log-on I get a new splash screen that is black with purple/green WYZE logo, I tap get started and it takes me to the log-on screen, I enter my email address and password and press log-in then it says “The Recaptcha was failed, Are you a robot?Please try again.” Has anyone experienced this problem and have you been able to resole it and if so how? I’ve contacted support and the cant help so the told me to contact security and I did, texted Ryan and have yet to hear back from him. I have a lot of WYZE products and really like them and I have Cam+ but if I cant access them whats the point of having them I might as well get rid of them and give my money to someone else.


Yes it does. No problems with Wyze app on 17.0.3 on mini-ipad or iphone.

I am also using iOS 17.0.3 on iPhone SE2020 and iPad Pro. My email and password are saved on the devices key chain and does auto fill. The only thing I have to enter is the code for 2FA which I receive via text message.

I don’t even get the option for 2FA, I’m baffled and extremely frustrated.

I’m strongly considering doing a factory reset on my phone .

Can you go back one iOS version? I thought that could be done?
I just looked, you have to do a back up first of current phone before you remove the current version then restore again. What a PITA

Yes it is,haha!

Just looked on ipsw.me and found version 16.6.1 and can’t install it because its not signed.

What iOS device are you using?
*EDIT:*I just signed out of my account and back in with the new current app. I got that goofy WYZE screen, then log in page that asked for email password which was filled by the phone, had to add the 2FA Code again after I got a text.

I-Phone 12 Pro Max, 17.0.3

Happened to me. Solution on iOS is to to go Settings, Safari (or whatever is your defaut Browser) , and disable the Content Blocker on the browser.
That will allow login to the app. Once this was done you may be able to reactivate the Content blocker.
This is still terrible coding and should not fail in this manner with no workaround for a non captcha validation like faceID or authenticator app.
They are trying to block out robots, but they aren’t very good at it.


My screen looks blank, but if I copy paste it, all the information to login is there. It’s almost as if the page is white with white font.

This fix worked for me. Thanks

It was my vpn blocking the app from loading.

I don’t see anything called “Content Blocker”. Is that the correct name for the setting?

I’m on ios 17.4.1.

I started having problems after changing my email address, or maybe it was because of an update. I haven’t been able to access Wyze on my iPhone in over a month. I need to get it resolved before they force 2FA.

EDIT: The setting I changed was called “Block Pop-ups”. That seems to have resolved the problem. I haven’t changed that setting on my phone in years, so Wyze must have changed the app.