Wyze app is broken for 2FA

I am using the Wyze app on an iPhone 6s Plus. iOS 13.2.3

I had set up 2fa previously.

Now, when I attempt to log on the 2fa screen does not have a visible keypad to enter the code. I have force quit the app. I have restarted my phone. Nothing has worked. I am effectively locked out of my Wyze cams. Thus is a HUGE HUGE problem for Wyze. There does not seem to be a way to authenticate because there is no way to enter the authentication code.


Thank you.

That’s odd, I just tried on my iPhone and it worked fine. I am using iOS 13.2.3 as well? I would restart your phone.

He did.

Thank you for your note.

I restarted my phone before posting my message. Didn’t resolve the issue.

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Well since the keyboard is not showing up on his phone I would say reset the phone. Do a full backup and reset.

If this was an issue with Wyze we would be seeing a lot more people saying something on here or Facebook or Reddit. Since we are not seeing that I suspect it’s his phone.

But a ticket can and should be opened with Wyze Support to be thorough. That can be done here.

We are users just like you, so it would be worth getting Wyze involved if you really feel it’s their app. This forum is mostly user to user so to be sure Wyze is involved open a ticket.

I’m not very familiar with iOS but have an iPad. I’m more comfortable with Android. The first time I tried 2FA with iOS, I had to enter it 3 times. I knew that If had failed on the last try, I’d be locked out as well. That made me decide to remove 2FA altogether.

Just a wild guess here…

If the phone font size has been changed in an accessibility setting, the keypad may be too large to fit on the screen any longer.

I have heard of things like that so it’s possible.

iOS has a feature that captures the 2FA code from messages and will enter it for you. Or you can use the copy feature from your authenticator app of choice.

Truthfully your need for 2FA is dependent on your usage habits more than anything. I use 2FA on every app that supports it, and I prefer authenticator apps or physical keys like Yubi.

Text based 2FA is better than nothing but it has been shown to be defeated with things like SIM swaps and other methods.

But as they say YMMV. Most people are happy without using 2FA. Until they get hacked or get a ransom hijack. :smile::smile::smile:

At this rate, pretty soon there’ll be 3FA! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


try tapping where the first digit should be typed in.

Thank you for your note. I posted here knowing it was a community forum but hoping Wyze was listening.

Eventually I was able to auto insert the 2FA code from imessages into the fields in the Wyze app but this seemed to be a random event. I was able to get into the app and disable 2FA.

Since Wyze doesn’t offer any other options to confirm with 2FA such as a phone call or using a browser on a computer, their implementation of 2FA is a problem for me.

thanks again

No worries! Glad you were able to turn it off!