Wyze app storage

I just had to delete then reinstall the Wyze app on my devices after finding the app storage to be 37gb on my iPhone and 64gb on my iPad. WTF?

Did you have a lot of stuff in the album? I think when recording clips from the live stream or playback they are recorded to the app storage.

Also, did reinstalling the app make that number decrease?


I had no photos or video in the album.
The iPhone went from 37gb to 419mb, the iPad went from 60gb to 409mb.

Is there any possible way to access those files on the iphone/ipad? Would be helpful to know what you are deleting.

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I wouldn’t know how to but if someone does I’d be interested to find out as well.

Definitely sounds like it was storing some kind of videos on there, like maybe a time-lapse or recording, or downloading cloud videos or something. I can’t think of anything else it could be. That is A LOT of space though.

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That would be my guess as well and I do take a lot of time lapse videos but I remove them from the Wyze album once they are recorded. Could they be saved in the cache even after I’ve removed them?

That’s a pretty good guess and basically what I was thinking too.

From my experiments of pulling the SD card out after recording a time-lapse, it has seemed to me that when we record a time-lapse, the time-lapse file is really large, as if the camera recorded every frame, then when we process or download the time-lapse, it takes forever to do it because it is then extracting X-frames per time-period. I don’t know if that is true, but that is how it has seemed to me since the original file was so large and the processing in the album takes so long to do.

I am wondering if what happens is that Wyze downloads the original file from the SD card to the phone, THEN processes it into the timelapse which we see in the album, then when we delete that from the album, maybe it left the original file in cache or temp files or something like you just hypothesized above. That sounds like a reasonable guess to me. You might be onto something. I wonder if some part of the file is being left in cache or temporary files somehow like you said.

Your report here is a great one. I don’t do time-lapses extremely often, but when I do, I will have to pay attention and maybe even use a file-tree-explorer that shows size amounts to see if I can find huge chunks of junk data being left on accident. If that turns out to be the case, it would be a good update for Wyze to clear those out sometimes so that something like this isn’t happening to people continuously. Wyze is looking for some good feedback on things they can update and improve and if we can narrow this down a little bit, it could end up being a good example of something to look into. :+1:

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hi - as i mentioned earlier, same problem… i too have taken a lot of time lapse videos - i have also had a lot of problems accessing/retrieving/organizing them - to be fair, i was having problems before i fully understood the relationship between my iphone photo album and the wyze album - anyway, i’ve been waiting to delete/re-install because i’m sure there are time lapse videos in there that i have never seen - guess i’ll do that now.

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