Why does Wyze Use 33 gigs of space on my phone

I am extremely tech stupid and so I do not go into the phones setting and make changes. Yet here we are, both iPhone and Samsung phones is showing Wyze is using 33 gigs of space. Videos are auto downloading to both phones without me manually doing so. I spend 2 hours every day deleting those videos and photos because of this issue and because I use the phones to earn money with I do not have the time to sit and delete every day. I believe this issue was addressed once before? If this can be fixed or resolved I don’t know what to do. Thank you.

Is it your phone gallery that has 33 gig? Or the app data has 33 gigs? If you go through and clear the app cache does that clear it up? Here is my in Wyze app, and Android cache for the app settings pages. Have you cleared those?

If you look at live view, each camera is transmitting > 100 k or 360Mb/minute.

My cell phone only has 1 Gb of monthly data, so 1 minute of watching playbacks eats up 1/3 of my entire quota for the month!

As a result, I avoid playing back almost all videos when not on WiFi.

I think something may be off with your calculation. I watch event videos all the time and certainly more than 1 min. I have used 168 Mb of mobile data in the wyze app over the last 25 days. A downloaded 12 second event video is like 2 Mb. 1 min would be 5 videos which would be around 10 Mb.

Its cell phone internal storage the user is asking about, not bandwidth usage.

Now in the wyze app itself, what does it show for it’s cache size? (I am not an iOSer)

I’m just going by live stream, which shows > 100 KB/s in the top corner of the stream. A minute of live stream would consume 60 (sorry, I used 3600 originally) x 100 KB = 6,000 KB or 6MB/m.

I have no idea, then, how the Wyse app could have used up 60 minutes of live stream data @ 6MB/min. Even when I was out of town last weekend, I only checked in on my camera for a few minutes.

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Here it is in the app cache. This is my main phone so I’ll pinpoint this one first.

I"m not talking about minutes. I’m talking about storage on the phone.

Yes, I realize. Originally, you just got me thinking of how I had burned up 1/3 of my monthly data using Wyze when mobile.

If you click on this does it being up more information?


@Mavens, anyone an iOSer able to provide info on how to clean this up?

My iPhone shows 61 MB of storage used. I’m pretty sure that corresponds to the handful of “Videos” and “Photos” I see that I have previously downloaded under camera, More, Album. If you have no use for them you should just clear them. The “auto downloading” you mention is strange. Do you have a rule or something set up to do that?


They live under iOS “Photos”, Albums, Wyze. She can clear them out there. Still don’t know why they would be accumulating by themselves.


There is no way to click on the documents and data. Let me go through the Wyze folder and delete and see if that has any bearing but I wouldn’t think so would it? And it still should not be downloading on it’s own. I don’t think there is a rule to set for it to auto download unless it’s one of IOS 14s stupid new additions.

How do you watch events, do you watch them in app or how?

@FriendofFeralCats please see my comment above about how to clear them out.

Ok so I just went into the Wyze Folder and deleted the videos and it changed nothing. I’m still showing 32 or 33 gigs of space used by the Wyze app. I even rebooted the phone to reset it and nothing. So it is the app itself and not the phone

Try deleting the application, reboot and reinstall it.

Ok because I’m looking at storage. My photos are only taking up 462.8 mb on the phone yet Wyze is using close to 33 Gigs