Wyze Forum using excessive site storage

For some reason, this forum is storing files in my site storage on my phone. While this is acceptable, the 6.4 GB was higher than expected when compared to other sites.

Luckily, I have plenty of space but I didn’t realize this back ground use.

I am not looking for a fix. I just wanted to let you know.

The Wyze app has a similar issue. Mine now has over 300MB of data stored on my iPhone. (That’s in addition to the size of the app itself).

Just press the button at the bottom called “Clear Site Storage” and that usage will go to zero. In essence this storage is a form of cache that can be cleared.

I did. I was just curious about the over 6 GB when other sites are much less.

Forum posts tend to have pictures and video clips in them. These are prime cache targets and are most likely why the cache usage is so large.

I can understand how a cache works but my other active forums are in the lower MBs. 6.2 GB in a short time is a bit much. I definitely need to keep an eye out for this. I am glad I have unlimited data and 250 GB of local storage.

I just looked at my cache for this forum, its approaching 7 gigs, of which 5.8 gigs was videos. YMMV, my cache for a hobby site I spend time on was only in the megabyte range, but no videos. And you can tell your phone not to cache the site at all if it worries you. But that defeats the purpose of a cache so might actually see an increase in your data usage.

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Thanks. I can live with it.