Android Wyze app is the largest app on my device

My OS had a pop-up notification today suggesting I delete the Wyze app (and others) to free up space. The Wyze app consumes a whopping 308MB, and is the largest app on my device. Such a waste to just look at a camera!

I guess I should delete it …

It keeps a lot of log files. If you are low on space, this is a place to find some. It will quickly fill again, tho.


Must have a low end phone

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Not everyone can afford a “High-End” phone and 88 cameras🤣

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Have you read Wyze Terms of Service, section D(iii), and are you in compliance? I don’t recall I mentioned I was using a phone …

I checked the cache size within the app and it says only 2.89KB. I regularly delete the cache of all apps via system settings. The Wyze app is still huge.

Hmm, 234 MB for the Wyze app here. Meanwhile my lowly single purpose robovac app is taking up 437 MB.


I didn’t say anything about cache. I said logs (to send the developers when you have issues).

Thanks for the clarification. I assumed, incorrectly, logs were part of the cache. I could not find under Account / Wyze Support any way to delete some log files. They used to be located in the Wyze/ folder, but the developers moved them somewhere else where users cannot access them directly.

You can delete/reinstall the app, but they will fill again.


The app on my iPhone shows 347.6 MB, the KASA app for my smart plugs is 951.1 MB :upside_down_face:

Phone was cheap at $599.99 ,used

Holy moley. Is that after cache cleared?

I don’t know how to clear the cache on that app. The only thing I see is to “off load” the app then download it again??? I don’t want the app to go away.

Yep the “offload app” is the iOS version of clearing the cache, It doesn’t delete vital files but it does reinstall the app. It’s a lot slower process than the cache clear option on Android.

Thank you, I tried it out now down to 204.5MB

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Wow I didn’t believe it would work that way on iOS. What a crazy way to (in effect) clear a cache.

I had to offload apps on my iPhone because the forced iOS update ate so much space it couldn’t coexist with photos anymore. It’s a really awful little system, where apps launch and download dynamically and you watch the icon spin while hoping there will be enough room to run it this time.

Wow must be the low end I phone we only use android due to they have a Hi Ram,Rom and you can install a micro SD Card for more memory

Apple sold the iPhone with only 32 GB of flash for way tooo long.

Mine is 64 GB and only a couple of years old. I had a modest amount of photos and the updater was completely wrong in its estimates of just how insanely it would chew up storage both before and after installation. Apple does a great job pushing paid iCloud accounts by screwing their phone buyers out of storage options. Meanwhile I’ve graduated to larger and larger SD cards on my Android phones without much issue.

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