Entire WYZE Album Deleted

Hi it is 9:30am Saturday. Yesterday, at around 5pm Friday, I had an album in my android gallery called “Wyze”. In the Wyze app, when I go to my events page or a playback and press download, the app stores the clips in that “Wyze” album.

I had like 6 clips in there. Yesterday I edited one using my android, then uploaded it to another app. Everything was fine. I’ve done this before. I did notice there was an update to the Wyze app.

This morning, that entire album is gone. I am positive I did not delete an entire album of clips I’ve been saving for months.

Back in the app, when I download a new clip… the app creates a new album called “Wyze” and saves it there. WHERE IS THE ALBUM I JUST HAD YESTERDAY???

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That stinks. If you have Google Photos enabled you should check your Trash. (Interesting, even though it says “Items in the trash will be removed after 60 days” I have stuff in there from last year - surely this is because I never have a Google account active on this phone.)