Album Question

On my camera’s live view under More, there is an Album icon. Pressing that gives me Videos and Photos. Looks like I only have 6 videos there but I’m wondering how it’s getting those videos? Because I deleted them a while back and don’t think there is a way to add video to it. One of the videos was from a year ago yet it’s dated as being this year, so it’s not even accurate. And two of them won’t even open. So I’m confused as to the point of this feature. It should be noted that I don’t have an SD card in any of my cameras.

Photos and videos in the album are created when you press the “Record” or “Take Photo” on any camera. A Video will also be created if you create a Time Lapse.

That’s interesting because I’ve pressed record a lot and those videos aren’t in the album. And I still don’t understand why it has a recording from a year ago, with a date from this year. Maybe those were just a few odd occurrences from my camera.

Manual recordings, snapshots and timelapses are stored in Album which uses your viewing device’s local, internal storage. E.g., tapping the “Take Photo” icon while streaming a Cam v3 from your phone will place a snapshot on your phone’s internal storage, not your cam’s SD. Same with manual video grabs, timelapse, etc. Therefore, if you use multiple viewing devices (phones/tablets), you will only see your manual stuff from the phone/tablet you used to create the manual recording, snapshot or timelapse.

Several weird scenarios exist regarding Album/local storage. Just a few examples… some devices are loaded with system apps that automatically “clean up” quiescent files in local storage. This creates wayward files when the media files are deleted and thumbnails are not and vice versa. Same issue occurs when a user manually deletes what appears to be old video while not deleting the associated thumbnail. The Wyze app will display the thumbnail, but the video is no longer accessible. This isn’t an issue if the user taps the Delete icon via the Wyze app… it’s only a problem when the user manually deletes via a filesystem app. Another issue is, over time, OS and/or manufacturer UI constraints require apps to store data under a different set of rules (e.g., location). This also creates wayward files. Another issue is Wyze app bugs. A good example is the manual files from the recently released BCP are not present in Album when accessed from the live stream page of any other non-BCP cam type. And vice versa, the non-BCP manual files are not present when accessed from the live stream of a BCP cam. I’m pretty sure I know what the technical problem is for this issue… just need to dig into the filesystem structure and write the issue up.