Old videos no longer in wyze album

Hello. Anyone else has any issues with old videos saved in wyze album? All my saved videos are no longer there. I have couple of important old videos that I forgot to save on my iPhone’s photo album back in 2023 and more importantly old videos that was saved from 2020-2022. Last time I checked back in April of this year, the videos were still there so I didn’t bother to saved all of it. Please help.

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @anchetajenny! :raising_hand_man:

All videos that are recorded from the Cam Live Stream or the SD Playback and placed in the Album are downloaded directly to the default Gallery Directory on the phone by default when you record them and are placed in a folder specific to the cam. Event Videos downloaded from the Events Tab are downloaded to the default Gallery Directory in the Events subfolder. Timelapse Videos that are downloaded from the SD Card are also saved to the cam specific folder in the default Gallery Directory of your phone.

If the videos are no longer being displayed in the Album, this means they were either deleted from the phone Gallery or moved to another location on the phone’s internal storage.

If your phone or its Gallery are being backed up to a Web Storage Service, you may find them there.