What has happened to my timelapse?

I have had Wyze Cams for years. I love using timelapse. Now, I cant find my timelapse on any of my cameras. I have several I have done lately and they are not in the album. I can take a picture or record a 20 minute video and they show in the album. Timelapse does not. Where have they gone?

The Album shows files that have already been saved to your device default Media folder.

When you go to your file explorer on your device and navigate to the default media Gallery, are the files still there?

If the Timelapse hasn’t yet been downloaded to the default media folder, it should show in the album as available for download.

If you read the file on an external card reader, the .h264 video files should be located in the Timelapse folder.

I cant find them anywhere. They are not in the Wyze Cam albums at all or available to download as they always have been in the past. I see nothing in my folders for my phone either. I have used them for many years and have never had a problem until the last month.

Let me clarify this. I have timelapse videos I downloaded on 7/18/23 still in the album. Nothing since then. Nothing available to download, nothing anywhere I can find. This just started in July for me.

I even went so far as to format the SD card and lose everything.

Not sure what OS you are using, but it sounds to me like the videos that were saved to the gallery have somehow been deleted. Are you using a recycle bin or online backup service?

I know I stopped using Google Photos because it would regularly delete the photos off my phone if I cleared them from my online gallery to free up space. That’s when I started using other online backup services.

Since you formatted the cards and lost history, the only way to test is to start over, run Time Lapse videos, download them, and see what happens.