Stop recording events in gallery

I see the option for storing manually recorded events in the phone’s gallery. But our automatically recorded events are being stored there. How do we stop automatically recorded events from being stored in phone’s gallery?

They will still be stored on the phone, but the gallery app should ignore them if you follow the steps in the thread below.

I’m reasonably knowledgeable about technology, but I’m lost here. I do not know what clearing the cache does. I mean, I know, in general, what it does, but when I cleared the cache nothing changed about the saved videos. I know I can delete them in the gallery, but that’s a time consuming thing to do. And, while I can create files, I don’t understand where to put the file you suggested creating. If I do that, does that mean there will be no clips available?

It would help, I think, if I understood the Wyzecam process. Are you saying the clips are stored on the phone? I had presumed the clips were stored for a period of time in the cloud. Am I incorrect about that? If so, it would be great to have that option. Like, the ability to direct them to a folder in my Dropbox folder. Is that not a possibility? Thanks for you help.