Alert videos saved in android photo gallery

can anyone tell me why the alert videos are saved in my android photo gallery, can I change this???

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I’d like to be able to disable this feature as well. It appears that a tumbnail of every alert is being saved to my photo gallery.

Yes that’s what mine is doing, I haven’t found a setting to disable it but sure wish someone finds a way to disable it, it pisses it me off…

Hey there did u ever find a way to stop the alerts being saved in android photo album ??? Thank you

I like the fact that my video are in my gallery. When I get over 1000 clips I keep the ones I like and delete the rest. Unfortunately, since Wyze last update of 9/18/18, I am unable to view any 12 second clips on my phone and no one has a solution to the problem.

I was wondering why all my clips are blank/zero/zilch/nada. Glad you posted that you have an issue as well so I can stop searching


I would also like to know this. If there is a micro SD card in the Wyze Cam, why is there a need to save videos on the phone’s memory?

Is there a solution for this yet?

Hi @msmina4. Here’s the skinny.

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I’m a bit confused. So the deleting steps provided do or do not stop them from saving to my phone?

Tiffany H.

Hi Tiffany!

If you view a Notification/Event video via the Wyze app it will store a copy on your phone. You can’t prevent it.

Clearing the Cache will remove the accumulated copies from your phone:

Wyze app > Account > App Settings > Cache File Size > Clear

If you want to:

Conserve storage space on your phone 

  • Clear the Cache periodically - once a month is probably enough.

Keep the phone’s Gallery uncluttered 

  • Clear the Cache monthly - No more than 30 days of Wyze Event videos will appear in the Gallery

  • Clear the Cache weekly - No more than 7 days of Wyze Event videos will appear in the Gallery

Exclude Wyze Event videos from the phone’s Gallery entirely

  1. Clear the Cache
  2. Create a .nomedia file per the instructions
  3. Place it in this directory:  /storage/emulated/0/Wyze/Camera/Video
  4. Shut down and restart your phone

Hope this helps!



To automate this:

You can use this:

Set the schedule to remove your cache folder every X days and you’re golden. :slight_smile:


I tried the app this morning. It’s well designed, requires only reasonable Permissions, has very subtle ads, a good privacy policy and works great on my device.

It removed the Wyze cache folder and contents even with the Wyze app running and the Events page open. The Wyze app recreates an empty cache folder the next time you view an Event. Slick.