Event video's appearing in my phone's photo gallery

Samsung S8. Just noticed my “Events” videos have formed a folder on my phone’s Gallery app and have been filling it up with the 12 second videos. Any suggestions on how to stop this?

Also see a folder called “CAM” that is newly formed there also. It contains images as shown below and when clicked they full screen and then immediately morph into what appears to be a very recent live shot. Kinda cool. I might leave that one.

There were more folders created with WYZE images in them within my phones Gallery app. Seemingly random. Not manually recorded by me as I’m clearly in control of that one folder called Manual. No clue how those others got there. Would like to stop them. Poured over any import settings and saw nothing relating to WYZE. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Settings inside your gallery app are causing this. By default, most gallery apps search your entire phone for media files. The Wyze app has to put notification videos somewhere when you download them. Here are two options for you:

  • In the Wyze app, go into the “Account” tab, then “App settings”, and then you will see “Cache File Size”. There is a “Clear” button to the right of that.

  • Or you can do the below to get your gallery app to ignore those files. Keep in mind, the cache will still be getting files, so you’ll want to clear it occasionally. I will mention to Wyze again that when people delete the notification events in the app, that they want them to also be deleted from the device the app is on.


I know you said you want it to stop. This may actually be a blessing in disguise since “events” are currently only recorded directly to the cloud. This feature means you have those files stored locally on your device. See the thread about Stolen Wyze cam. There are some interesting discussion points about this on that thread. You may or may not be interested.

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I would also like for my Wyze videos and pix to NOT appear in my “gallery”. On my android, I can “show/hide albums”, but it appears that Wyze did not create Wyze labeled folder names. Therefore, I’m unsure which (if any) of the many folders are dedicated to Wyze.

It would be nice for Wyze to make this more user-friendly.

Can Wyze create a folder with a nomedia file for these clips in the future?

The .nomedia file thing worked great! I had to do it on my computer which was easy. Open NotePad, hit CTRL + SHIFT + S (Save As). The filename should be .nomedia (just .nomedia the period is important!) And make sure the file type is set to ALL FILES not TXT. Then just connect your phone to your computer and copy and paste into whatever folders you want. I also did it to the Wyze > Videos folder so that when I view events I don’t see them in my gallery.

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