WYZE app slow responses

Has anyone heard more about when this is going to get fixed for good? I’ve been having the slow app issues and like you said, it’s not fun to use anymore. They have all these new products and I don’t want to buy any because the app is horrible. I’ve logged multiple complaints but just get ‘we’re working on it’. I just don’t believe them anymore. Very disappointing.


This problem has been persisting on mine (iPhone 12 ProMax) and my wife’s (iPhone 11 ProMax) devices for the last month or so. Just took 9 presses of my camera group for it to finally load. Submitted a log: 961162.

Yeah I’ve been having major issues with the app as well, mostly loading the live stream and playing back from SD. It doesn’t respond or gets stuck connecting and sometimes never does. Have to quit and reopen a few times before it eventually loads. When I try to play something back from the SD card it will stop responding and go back to connecting. I try not to use if I don’t have to.

I’ve recently set up Wyze-Bridge and connected the cameras to HomeKit. The live feed in HomeKit loads within a few seconds, whereas the Wyze app just sits there flipping a coin trying to decide if it’s going to work or not.

Would be nice to see Wyze put this problem up on the known issues page https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032747431-Software-and-Firmware-Known-Bugs so we can at least track progress on a fix. There are hundreds of people on the App store leaving reviews with this same issue, which means there are a lot more who are not reporting it.

Would just be nice to see some acknowledgment here, Wyze…

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The app has been running fine for me, except I just added three new Wyze Color Bulb BR30’s to my ecosystem and that’s when I noticed the horrible app lag and frequent crashing.

Clearing app cache didn’t help. Uninstalling and reinstalling helped for an hour or so and then it went back to having the lag issues.

I’m running on an iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 16.3.1. Wyze App is at the latest release (2.40.0 (15)) and all of my device firmware levels are at their current.

Rebooted my wireless router as well. No change.

I submitted a log: 973964

Total number of devices I have in the app is 31.

Wyze Doorbell (first edition)
Wyze Cam v3
2 x Wyze Cam Outdoor v2
2 x Wyze Cam v2
Wyze Cam Pan v1 (offline)
Wyze Switch
3 x Wyze Bulb Color BR30 (started having the problem after adding these)
2 x Wyze Bulb (White v1)
Wyze Light Strip Pro
Wyze Light Strip
3 x Wyze Bulb Color
Wyze open/close sensor (v1 that came with the orig. starter bundle)
Wyze Robot Vacuum
Wyze Sprinkler Controller
6 x Wyze Plugs (currently only 2 online, mixture of v1 and v2)
2 x Wyze Outdoor Plug (offline)
Wyze Buds Pro
Wyze Headphones
Wyze Outdoor Cam Base Station

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I think the issue is gone for me, at least for now. This is what I did to resolve the issue:

  • Remove the three Wyze Color Bulb BR30 from my inventory
  • Uninstall Wyze app from iPhone
  • Power-off light switches that were controlling the BR30s
  • Power-off iPhone
  • Power-off wireless router
  • Power-on wireless router
  • Power-on iPhone
  • Connect iPhone to the 2.4 GHz SSID
  • Download and install Wyze app and login
  • Add one BR30 at a time

After doing that, I’m not having any more lag with the app, and the app doesn’t crash to desktop when trying to change any BR30 settings.

I spoke too soon. App is back to lag/crashing again after a few days. New support log submitted: 980522

Just throwing my hat in the ring here, but I think the problem is that the app is trying to control way too many devices. There is no fresh code applied to it, just added on top of whatever is. Bloatware comes to mind.

Yea, still no improvements for several months now. Lots of new product releases though. How about making the app work first before making a bigger mess? Don’t they listen to suggestions? I’m done filling in trouble tickets about it. If it’s not fixed I guess they just lose business instead.

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I was told in the Wyze Discord server the following:

This is a known issue but Wyze is having trouble finding the cause. It seems to be related to Wyze lighting products. Could you get an app log next time it happens and I will send it to Wyze along with the thread you linked


This may make sense. I ordered a set of 4 Wyze Color bulbs and installed two of them in late January, which is roughly when my issues started (or shortly thereafter). I only installed two of the bulbs to replace two older Wyze Color bulbs in my den (I replaced these due to them consistently turning off in the evenings with no apparent Wyze or Alexa schedule to do so).

Thanks for the update kwiss. Glad they know about it but sure would go a long way if they just acknowledged it vs. ignoring this discussion here and giving no updates.

I too didn’t have problems with the app until I started adding in smart bulbs so that tracks. I have 4 in my house currently. In the meantime, I’m switching to other smart home device brands like Tapo until they get this figured out… Wyze you’re going to lose money here.

I’ve used the color bulbs for awhile (6+months). I only started having this lag issue a couple months back. Perhaps instead of ignoring it they should accept the tips and figure it out. That’s why there is a community for this. Unfortunately due to lack of response for something so critical I’m not spending any more money with it.

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I got this issue and all the logs sent up to the team, I am sorry this has been happening. I had not seen this thread as I do not venture into the #watercooler area to often.


Thank you, Jason!

Thanks! Since I was dismissed multiple times by wyze tech support I figured I’d float it here since I wasn’t sure where else to go. Seems like there are others with same issues.

Seems to have been fixed to some degree, I haven’t had to delete and reinstall the app in about a month+ at least. Still kinda lame Wyze never even publicly addressed this issue… but glad to have a working app again so I can use my devices without constant crashing.

I had the same issue with app crashing constantly when I added the BR30 color bulbs. As of 7/1/23 it seams to be working better, but I wish Waze had a hub to manage all the devices vs a phone app. In your opinion would a hub help?

It has been fixed some. But loading app still has a delay. Its unfortunate as it has deterred me from upgrading to their new cams.