App startup slowness

Why are the latest app versions taking sooo long to fire up? It takes now about 25 seconds, where with the older versions it was under 5 seconds. Also, it now takes 30 to 40 seconds to get a notification of a camera event. By then, whatever triggered the camera is gone! I suspect bloatware of the app. Can WYZE not make a lite app without all the bells and whistles that will fire up quickly and respond with a trigger event in under 5 seconds? It’s not my internet, because I’m now twice as fast as before.


This is something I’ve wanted to ask Wyze; is app logging always turned on? This must contribute somehow, especially for older phones.

Hi. I’ve submitted numerous logs and tried to open tickets when the app crashes/times out. Nothing. I’ve never received any sold feedback other than clear cache, Delete app/reinstall app.