Is it normal to take 60sec. to view an event just occurred

Since getting this Android phone wyze events all take at least 60 seconds to view and trying to adjust borders for motion detection freezes app. Any suggestions people? My iOs apps are immediate, that’s why I ask. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice.

I use Android and the event notifications are 12 to 20 secs. most of the time. 60 seconds is not the intended behavior of the Wyze app. By reading other threads on this problem, it usually is a network issue that causes slow notifications. Different devices react differently as well.

what device are you using? this sounds like something that happens to older devices when the app needs more computing power than they can produce. it could also be a product of too many apps or functions running at once on the device…straining the processor.

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Thanks for reply to my post on slow android events showing. I am using a new LG Stylo 4 with a quarter Terabyte SD memory and Verizon wireless with an Arris wifi router/modem 5g. My iOs devices do it almost immediately on my system, that’s why I ask.