NOTIFICATIONS are slow…Too SLOW. Please improve this,

Notifications are sent once the event has been recorded and uploaded to the Wyze server. Not at the moment the event occurs. That’s by design.

Working fine here in California, try 2 log out and back into your app

Just curious. I have V2s and V3s hooked up in a normal way at home. About how long after the trigger occurs (let’s say a vehicle drives by) should I get a notification on my Apple phone? One minute? Two minutes? Maybe 5 minutes? What kind of times are other people getting? Really, just curious.

I just checked mine and it’s about 2-4 seconds on wifi and 3-6 on network

18 seconds for my notification, on Android 11
Maybe it’s an Apple iPhone issue…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I just checked mine 2-4 sec on wifi a 3-6 on network

On average you will be notified within 7 seconds of the events. Things have gotten better where I am notified in less than 5 seconds on both Android and iOS. If you are seeing Alerts in the minutes, I would do some basic testing like turning off WiFi on the phone and see if notifications increase. If possible, I would also try another device.