Wyze App on iPhone is super laggy

The main Wyze app on my iPhone is super laggy.
It takes over 5 seconds to start the app.
and when I touch the vacuum symbol on the app and it takes 4-5 seconds to open.

Which iPhone are you using?

I used an iPhone 11 and 14 and the app was relatively fast.

I’m using an iPhone 8 for the time being and the app is a big slow and laggy.

It may have something to do with the device you are using

I am using iPhone 14 Pro.
I have been using this phone for a while and today it has been super slow.

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Weird. Does it happen when you’re on WiFi or data?

Try clearing the app cache and force closing the app

Go to account > scroll down to app settings > hit clear until the number goes to 0

After you’ve done that, force close the app.

It is still super laggy. This is at home on wifi.
I access the app everyday and this is the first time I have experienced it since I started using Wyze in 2019.

Same issue with me. When on Wi-Fi it takes considerably longer to bring up feeds and other info. On cellular, it’s not as bad, but still seems slow.

Maybe Wyze server is having issues due to too many users. I hope they don’t become the victim of their own success.

Have you all tried clearing the Cache from within the app, located under Account > App Settings? Then Log out and restart the phone?

Could you get an app log in account > Wyze support > submit a log. Post the log number here please.

AFTER you get the log, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. If I’m understanding your problem correctly then this should fix it.




Thanks for the log! I sent it up so Wyze can take a look, and I’m glad you got it resolved :slight_smile:

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Not sure why, but this seems to be resolved on my end. After clearing the cache, which was about 11MB, I restarted everything and it hadn’t resolved. Checked the cache again, it was back up to 8MB right away. Stayed slow for a couple days, but last few have been just fine.