Wyze App Service Outage - 8/22/19

I’ve had my cams for 15 months now. Tonight was my first notification and shortcuts disruption, but I still managed to have live feed on my cams.

That’s true but, there is no reason why these cameras can’t bypass the cloud based portion and just talk to the app, when issues like this occur.

There probably is and that is why they don’t, I am just a user though and so not privy on the detailed workings and reasons why.

My cameras and sensors are back online :+1::+1:


8/22/19 11:48 PM PT - Our service is now back to normal and all products should be functioning now. If you are still having trouble, please contact our support team. Thank you for your patience with us!

Submit a request – Wyze


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While you are “expecting the products you buy to work” could you talk to TMobile? They had an outage nationwide today as well. Oh and while you are at it, please talk to Amazon as Alexa services were also having sporadic issues today. And lets not forget Google, according to Downdetector their services also experienced issues today as well. :grin::grin::grin:


Working great now! Good job.

@rbruceporter - Maven with an edge. :slight_smile:


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Nah I have soft rounded corners no edges according to my wife anyway. Something about loosing some extra padding I think. :blush:

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I know the outage is suppose to have been restored but I am unable to resort my Shortcuts. Whatever changes I make, when I hit the done button the order reverts back to the order before the outage. I have rebooted the app and my ipad, but the problem persists. Anyone else experiencing this problem? So far this is the only anomaly I have seen since service was restored.

I am unsure I am understanding what you are trying to do? Can you explain a bit more?

At the top of the Wyze app you can set up shortcut buttons to automate certain tasks- turn on/off notifications, cameras, etc. You can place those shortcuts in any order you want along the top of the app. Since the outage I have not been able to reorder my shortcuts. Before the outage it worked seamlessly. Hope that helps.

Yes thank you, I wanted to be sure I understood what you were trying to do.

On iOS running app version 2.4.73 I noticed the same behavior as you described.

On iOS running Beta app version 2.5.35 I am able to sort the Shortcuts as you would expect.

If you are running the production version of the app on iOS or Android I would open a support ticket to get the issue addressed.

You can open a ticket here: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Last night my Wyze cam 2 became not visible via Bluetooth. I have power cycled it tried pairing mode with not only my phone but also others. The Bluetooth is not discoverable anymore . Therefor I cannot try to pair it or anything . Pleas help. Thank you .

Wyze cameras don’t use Bluetooth. If power cycling doesn’t get them to show up in the Wyze app (which works over WiFi), then set them up again:



my pan still won’t connect

Yes I noticed this also late last night, every time I would sort the shortcuts and go back they were all screwed up again.
Rearranged them 3 times , they wouldn’t stay how I set them
I haven’t even looked at it today.
EDIT: still doing the same thing App v2.4.82

The Shortcuts issue should be addressed with the next app update (I’ve tested a couple of people with the current beta and they report positive results).

How are everyone’s devices behaving now?

(Edited because I said “firmware” instead of “app” on accident. Oops! Thanks to Loki for pointing out my blunder.)


I had one bulb that kept showing offline last night turned the switch off and left it off , turned it on today and now working fine , with everything else working as it should

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