Wyze app not working

Has anyone having issues with their Wyze app ? when i open the app i only get a blank screen similar to the one when you adding a new product to the wyze app. I tried deleting and re downloading the app and still the same,

Try rebooting your phone.

i have done that and it works but if im trying to link another cam to through the app it wont work and the it goes back to the same blank issue.

Everything was working fine till yesterday now im so annoyed, because i still get notification from one of the cam and im not able to see anything.

Try removing and reinstalling the app. This will force it to sync with WYZE servers when you log in.

i have done that already, i evern reseted my phone

I had been running the production app on my iPad then it suddenly stopped working. I ran into the same problem a blank screen and no cameras.

I tried every method known like restarting device, force app close, uninstalling/reinstalling nothing worked. I still got a blank app with no cameras or any of my products showing up.

Then I found a solution that worked for me. I installed the Beta app and poof…everything started working normal again. Obviously the production app has got a major bug on iOS.

(Step 1) You can download TestFlight for iPad/iPhone then click on the link (step 2) and download Beta.

im going to give it a try, its funny because its working now on my iphone but it happened before when i open the app its just a blank screen

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