Wyze app not working correctly

Hey just checking to see if any other Wyze App Users are experiencing a problem on the home page (the “live feed” page)… through the process of elimination I’ve determined the app itself is not working correctly.

When I open the app- & tap a thumbnail to view a camera… it goes black about 5 seconds later & closes the app.

If I tap events- I see the cameras themselves are working just fine… & they are recording the 12 second “events” - I can view the events.- more importantly- the app does not crash.
If I tap anything in the app- it seems to function ok- but IF I tap the “live feed” - it crashes… - If I tap ANY camera in the live feed… it crashes.

I went to AT&T (my provider) & I did the speed test to make sure no one was “jamming” my wifi… & I checked all the devices connected.- my wifi is fine.

I updated my phone (LG Phoenix) & deleted almost ALL the videos saved
but- alas- it is NOT the phone.

all the other apps on my phone work as they should.
I even recalibrated my phone to be certain it wasn’t responding to touch incorrectly.

so- my question is- IF I uninstall the WYZE app… then reinstall (after rebooting my phone)- will I need to start from scratch (take down all my cameras) & reconnect them as well… or can I just reinstall & leave the cameras where they are?

Your settings are saved on a server, so uninstalling/reinstalling the app should have no effect on your camera settings and access.

Are you on a low-end Android device? I’d recommend what you are doing since the app is crashing, but they also removed Android hardware acceleration in the last app update, and I don’t know all the ways that might manifest itself.

I’ve had the same phone & cams & app for over a year with no issues… I LOVE my wyze cams- I LOVE being able to check them whenever I need to from wherever I may be… but in the last week (after the most recent update) I started having this issue with the app- so- I am curious if other wyze cam users are also experiencing a similar issue.

I don’t think I’ve heard of crashes, but it has manifested itself in many other ways like black screens or only one or two cams coming up at once. We can wait for other Android users to check in on this (I am an iOS user), but the timing is very suspicious. On the surface it sounds like the loss of hardware acceleration is affecting you. But you should go ahead and reinstall the app just in case that helps. Meanwhile we’ll wait for other Android users to check in when the sun comes up.

I decided to do the uninstall/ reinstall last night- nothing changed- same issue the home screen/ live feed page goes black & then crashes whenever I tap anything - but I’m able to view the rest of the app/ “events” “discover” “Account”- so- I’m thinking it is indeed a APP issue… for android users perhaps.

Try downgrading to 2.4.82. It fixed a lot of issues.

Follow this thread and it says how to go back with instructions.

I used the APK from here and it is not crashing or lagging for me.

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did you use the hardware accelerator on the app before the last update?

ummm no… there was no notice upon downloading the app update to “click here” to use the hardware accelerator…